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Report 1

CelsiusPro contributes at the green fintech initiative from the Swiss State Secretariat for International Finance


A rapid expansion of the green fintech sector is underway at various hubs across the globe. Switzerland, renowned for its financial centre and innovation, is one of its champions.


The combination of digital technology and sustainable finance leads to global opportunities for Switzerland. As a leader in innovation and financial services, it is ideally positioned to seize these opportunities. In its recent financial market policy, the Swiss Federal Council reiterated its commitment to position the Swiss financial centre as a global leader in exploiting the potential of digital technology in the area of sustainable finance

The Green Fintech Network, an informal group of experts from the green digital finance ecosystem, contributes to this ambition. It’s goal is to identify areas to improve the framework conditions for green digital finance in Switzerland, to suggest concrete actions and to assist in implementing selected actions.

The action plan first shows the opportunities of a green fintech hub for Switzerland based on a vision and then describes the potential of green fintech applications in the field of sustainable finance. The network identified various areas in which measures could improve the framework conditions: First, green fintechs should have better access to sustainability data. Second, the establishment of green fintechs in Switzerland is to be promoted. Third, it is proposed to simplify access to potential customers. Fourth, the supply of risk capital in Switzerland is to be improved. Last but not least, the interaction between the various actors could be improved.

The actions proposed in this action plan are meant as a source of ideas, some for the Swiss government to consider, others for institutions with an ambition to become leaders in green digital finance in their field.


Download the Action plan here.

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