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Report 3

InsuResilience Investment Fund (IIF) launches new report on climate insurance in developing countries

Luxembourg, 10 December 2020  – The IIF report presents the results of the Fund’s first six years of operation. To date, the Fund has helped to protect 25 million poor and climate vulnerable people from the effects of climate change.

Since 2015, the InsuResilience Investment Fund (IIF) has worked to build the climate resilience of poor and climate-vulnerable households as well as micro, small and medium enterprises, by increasing climate insurance coverage. It has today launched a new report “Protecting low-income communities through climate insurance”, which takes stock of its experience and achievements over its first six years of operation. As the first fund of its kind to raise private capital to invest in climate insurance markets in developing countries, the fund shares in this report valuable lessons for impact investors, insurers, policy makers and other relevant entities involved in building resilience using insurance and disaster risk finance. Link to full article.